Planning, Industry and Environment

Secretary: Jim Betts

The Planning, Industry and Environment cluster brings together the functions from the former Planning & Environment and Industry clusters. 

The new cluster will drive greater levels of integration and efficiency across key areas, such as:

  • long-term planning
  • precincts
  • infrastructure priorities
  • open space
  • the environment
  • natural resources - land, water, mining
  • energy
  • growing our industries.

There will be a redoubling of emphasis on regional NSW. 

To more effectively deliver services and advice to the government, both the Office of Environment and Heritage and the Office of Local Government will cease to be independent entities. These functions will transition back into the broader department.

The Natural Resources Commission and DPC's Regional NSW group will move from the Department of Premier and Cabinet to the Planning, Industry and Environment cluster.

Lead Ministers

Deputy Premier, Minister for Regional New South Wales, Industry and Trade

Minister for Planning and Public Spaces


Minister for Water, Property and Housing

Minister for Energy and Environment

Minister for Agriculture and Western New South Wales

Minister for Local Government

Department Department of Planning, Industry and Environment*
Executive agencies

Local Land Services

Natural Resources Commission

* The Deputy Premier, Minister for Trade and Industry is also supported by staff in the Treasury in relation to the Trade portfolio.