Event Starter Guide

The Event Starter Guide assists people in the community to navigate the many issues involved in organising events. In particular, people organising public, outdoor events in NSW should find this guide helpful.

Events are an important part of community life and contributing to safe and successful events is a rewarding experience. Organising events, however, can sometimes seem daunting. While careful planning can be quite a complex process, it leads to safe events that run smoothly and are successful. 

How to use this guide

The guide has been divided into sections to allow you to choose the information that is relevant to the event you are organising. There is also a resources list at the end of the guide.

This guide is a starting point for event organisers, not a manual showing you how to organise an event. In addition to using this guide, it is important to seek advice from qualified professionals.

This guide has been developed in consultation with a critical friends group consisting of event organisers and representatives from NSW Police Force and Transport for NSW. Numerous other government agencies and organisations were consulted in compiling this guide. In particular, we are indebted to Tony Martin and the Sustainable Living Foundation who provided the content in the Sustainability section.