Important note

Public events continue to be affected by COVID-19. Please stay informed of current NSW Public Health Orders and COVID Safety Plan requirements at

With the easing of restrictions under the Reopening NSW Roadmap event organisers should take care not to assume availability of dates or government resources for events. Regular planning processes, agency consultations and approvals from landholders and authorities are still required. This includes landholder endorsement of event and COVID safety plans.
(November 2021)

Music and performers


You should seek professional advice about the insurance you need as the event organiser.

You should also ensure that performers have insurance to cover their activities while at your event by sighting their insurance.

Public liability insurance is required by a number of government agencies and is usually a condition of approval to hold an event. In most cases $20 million is the amount of cover required by the appropriate agency or agencies listed as ‘interested parties’ on the certificate issued.

Work health and safety

You have a duty of care in relation to the work health and safety of performers at your event. During your risk assessment, identify any potential hazards for performers and take steps to minimise those risks.

You may also need to provide performers with access to facilities where they can change their clothes and do their make-up.


Refer to the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance to ensure you pay arts workers the correct wages.

You should seek professional legal advice about performer employment contracts, and ideally have a written contract with all performers at your event.

The Arts Law Centre of Australia offers low-cost sample contracts and free information on arts law and arts insurance. It can also provide free legal advice.