Cabinet Approval of Appointments

Cabinet consideration is only required for appointments identified as significant or high-level.

Ministers are able to directly appoint to boards and committees where Cabinet approval is not required.

Please refer to the NSW Government Boards and Committees Guidelines for detailed information about the appointment of board and committee members, including advice on appointments that require Cabinet consideration.

A Cabinet submission is not required to seek Cabinet approval of appointments. Instead, three forms must be completed and lodged in eCabinet:

  • Cabinet Nomination Form
  • Appointment Process Information Form
  • Board Diversity Form.

All required forms are now generated via GOView. If you are a NSW Government board or committee administrator, complete and return the GOView authorisation form (DOCX, 102 KB) to request access to GOView.

Before these forms can be lodged, the Public Service Commissioner may need to provide a recommendation about classification and remuneration in line with the Classification and Remuneration Framework for NSW Government Boards and Committees.

Once the appointment forms are lodged and endorsed by the Minister's office, they are reviewed by DPC and then provided to the Premier's office for the Premier's agreement to list the proposed appointment on the Cabinet Agenda.

The minimum time between appointment forms being lodged and considered at a Cabinet meeting is nine business days.

After Cabinet has approved an appointment, the relevant Minister is notified of the decision and can proceed to formally make the appointment. This is usually done by way of an instrument of appointment which sets out the term of the appointment, remuneration (if any) and other relevant details. A copy of the instrument of appointment is usually forwarded to the appointee for his or her records.

Alternatively, if the relevant legislation provides that the appointment is to be made by the Governor, approval for the appointment can then be sought from the Governor through the Executive Council.