Tools & Resources

Cabinet Practice Manual

Understand each stage of the Cabinet system and get help preparing Cabinet Submissions, including templates, guidelines and other resources.

Evaluation Toolkit

The Evaluation Toolkit provides advice and resources for government agencies planning and conducting a program evaluation.

Public sector governance

A directory of information about NSW Government entities and the NSW Public Sector Governance Framework.

Machinery of Government

To effectively serve the Premier, NSW Ministry and government’s priorities well into the 2020s, we have realigned our structures accordingly, with some changes to our clusters and agencies.

Behavioural Insights

Behavioural insights draws on research into behavioural economics and psychology to influence choices in decision-making.

Communications and Engagement

Resources, networks, guidelines and policy information for NSW communications professionals working across all platforms, channels and engagement activities.

Event Starter Guide

The Event Starter Guide assists people in the community to navigate the many issues involved in organising events. In particular, people organising public, outdoor events in NSW should find this guide helpful.