About Tribal Warrior

Tribal Warrior was founded in 1998 by Aboriginal people in the Redfern area to spread and vitalise Aboriginal culture, and to provide economic and social stability. To realise this vision, the founders used maritime training as a vehicle to engage and share culture with local men and to also provide skills and qualifications for a career in the maritime industry.       

Over time the business has expanded to operate as a social enterprise, running Sydney Harbour’s only Indigenous cultural cruise company, a maritime business and Tribal Warrior Talent.  Today, Tribal Warrior’s objectives are to:   

  • empower younger members of the community through mentoring skills and training
  • provide opportunities for long-term employment of local Aboriginal people
  • facilitate greater participation of Aboriginal people in the economy and work toward economic empowerment and independence
  • share Aboriginal culture and history with all Australians and international visitors.    

For more information on Tribal Warrior visit their website.

Tribal Warrior performer Dave Barnett preparing to showcase local Aboriginal stories and history of the Sydney Harbour