Policy Makers Toolkit

This toolkit is for NSW public servants interested in all aspects of policy development, implementation and review. It provides advice and information on different aspects of the policy cycle.

It is also a portal to existing policy-related communities:

Behavioural Insights Community of Practice

The Behavioural Insights Community of Practice (BICoP) is a forum for individuals and agencies to engage on and discuss the use of behavioural insights in policy making and service delivery. As a member of the BICoP, you will have access to case studies, videos, events and other development opportunities specific to behavioural insights.

Evaluation Toolkit

The Evaluation Toolkit provides advice and resources for government agencies planning and conducting a program evaluation. It includes seven steps for planning and implementing a program evaluation project.

Preparing for effective engagement

Effective engagement encompasses a wide variety of interactions, both formal and informal. These range from information sharing to more active consultation through to collaboration in government decision making processes. The amount of influence communities and stakeholders have on decision making increases in accordance with the level of engagement. Responsibility for final decision remains with government.

This site will be gradually expanded to include other elements on policy good practice and innovation.

For other communities of practice for public service professionals, please visit COMPRAC, an initiative of the NSW Public Service Commission.