Eligibility and Application Process

The Jawun program is open to all DPC and NSW Treasury employees who are flexible, resilient and are prepared to be taken out of their comfort zone. To be eligible to undertake a secondment, staff must also meet the following criteria:

  • Be an ongoing employee
  • Have passed probation
  • Not be subject to any performance issues
  • Have Manager and Director approval

Potential secondees should ensure they are supported to leave their family and workplace for the duration of the secondment before nominating for the program.

Secondees are placed according to their skill sets and the project work required by the host indigenous organisations. Often potential secondees have had a previous career and are able to share skills in addition to those relating to their current role.

The application process involves:

  • Agency confirmation of eligibility
  • Interview with Jawun Regional Director
  • Post secondment survey and evaluation processes

The application form and instructions for applying can be found on DPC's and Treasury's intranet sites.

In 2017, Jawun is specifically seeking skills/experience in the following areas: Project management, business development and implementation, analytics/ finance, communications, public relations, facilitating, community/customer engagement, IT, policy development, change management, data analysis, database programming, project evaluation, systems analytic, recruitment, HR, records management and strategic planning.

We are looking for people who:

  • Have a desire to make a difference
  • Are open minded
  • Are engaging
  • Have an openness to experience
  • Are culturally sensitive
  • Are able to work both collaboratively and autonomously
  • Are self-motivated
  • Able to work in an unstructured environment
  • Have business skills and the ability to apply them
  • Have an ability to pass on skills and knowledge
  • Are capable of working in an unstructured environment
  • Have a sense of adventure
  • Ability to build relationships
  • Are quick learners
  • Ability to be humble & and respectful