Staff training

Event staff have a key role in ensuring that your event is as accessible as possible, from the initial planning phase to the day of the event. Educating your event staff about accessibility will ensure they are able to identify limitations and opportunities in your event's access plan. If your event is likely to attract a large number of people with a disability, it may be useful to appoint an accessibility officer to develop and implement a comprehensive access plan.

Customer service staff should be briefed about both the accessible and inaccessible features of the event and be able to provide detailed information, such as the seating plans, if required. If your event is ticketed, staff will need to be aware of access considerations such as whether ticketing arrangements include admission for people with a disability and their carers, or whether a venue can accommodate a wheelchair user and companions in its seating format.

Event staff on the day are crucial in ensuring that information on accessibility is readily available and effectively communicated to event patrons. The type of information you should relay in a staff briefing includes:

  • locations of viewing areas, accessible facilities, paths, ramps, entrances and exits, lifts and other features
  • whether captioning or hearing loop technology is available
  • information about both the accessible and inaccessible features of the event
  • emergency evacuation procedures for customers of all abilities
  • details of a designated contact person for any queries relating to accessibility.

For more details about accessibility related to special events, contact: