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All required forms are now generated via the GOView application. NSW Government board or committee administrators should contact DPC at to receive access to this application.

Public Service Commission Framework for boards and committees

The Public Service Commission publishes a Framework to guide decisions around the remuneration of NSW Government boards and committees – the Classification and Remuneration Framework for NSW Government Boards and Committees. The Framework includes a classification structure (principles, criteria and levels by which to categorise different types of boards and committees) and a remuneration structure (fee levels for the different classifications).

With the exception of Crown Lands Trusts, which may or may not be classified, Departments and agencies should ensure that all boards and committees whose appointments require Ministerial approval are classified under the Framework. For a new board or committee, the appointment process should not start until the Public Service Commissioner provides a classification and remuneration recommendation.

Additional resources

Current Circulars and Memoranda

  • M2014-13 NSW Lobbyists Code of Conduct
  • OFS 2014-07 Official Travel in Australia and Overseas
  • TC 15/17 Review of Meal, Travelling and other Allowances
  • C2014-08 Australian and Overseas Travelling Allowances for Official Travel for Senior Officials
  • C2013-04 Contesting Elections