Programs & Services

Awards and recognition

Awards are a way for the NSW Government to acknowledge excellence and reward achievement and service.

Boards and Committees

Boards and committees provide leadership, direction and accountability across many areas of NSW Government activity. They are a vital link between community needs and government service delivery.


Major events are an important part of community engagement. Contributing to a safe and successful event in NSW also ensures economic and social benefits to the state.


The objective of NSW Protocol is to foster positive relations and outcomes for the benefit of the state. 

Premier's Priorities and State Priorities

The NSW Premier is committed to 12 key priorities to make NSW an even better place to live and work. In addition, the NSW Government has 18 state priorites for the state to grow the economy, deliver infrastructure, protect the vulnerable, and improve health, education and public services across NSW.

Centre for Economic and Regional Development

The Centre for Economic and Regional Development leads economic and regional development policy and analytics.

NSW Cross-Border Commissioner

The Office of the NSW Cross-Border Commissioner works with bordering states to help businesses, organisations and people in cross-border areas of NSW.

Office of Social Impact Investment

A joint team of DPC and the NSW Treasury, the office works with partners develop new social impact investment transactions, and facilitate growth in the social impact investment market.

NSW Customer Service Commissioner

The NSW Customer Service Commissioner is committed to championing the interests and perspectives of NSW citizens to deliver better customer service outcomes.