Role of the Commissioner

The NSW Customer Service Commissioner:

  • provides independent advice to the Premier, Cabinet and Ministers on all aspects of customer service
  • works with NSW Government departments and agencies to ensure customer perspectives are at the heart of policy and service design, funding, delivery, and measurement across the public sector
  • researches government service delivery and identifies opportunities to improve satisfaction with government services.

Work with the NSW public sector

A customer-centric government is one that recognises its citizens as customers and puts them at the heart of decision making to deliver policy and services that are fast, fair, accessible, safe, transparent and empathetic.

The NSW Government has taken a lead in creating and embedding customer-centric approaches to better serve the people of NSW.

Below are examples of how the Customer Service Commissioner has worked with the NSW public sector to deliver for citizens. 

Service NSW

In July 2013, Service NSW was established as a one-stop shop for NSW Government services where customers can access services in-person, online or over the phone. Its development was led by the Customer Service Commissioner to simplify the way customers do business with the NSW Government. The Customer Service Commissioner continues to partner with Service NSW to develop innovative and customer-focused solutions for the people of NSW.

Cost of Living program

The Customer Service Commissioner researched customers’ perceptions of cost of living, and their awareness and understanding of existing NSW Government rebates and savings.

As a result, the Commissioner worked with Service NSW to launch the Cost of Living program in July 2018. The program aims to increase awareness and access to NSW Government rebates and savings. The program builds on Service NSW’s capacity to bundle information on selected services through a “one-stop shop” approach. Over forty existing rebates are available through the program. Customer satisfaction with the Cost of Living program is high.

Easy to do Business

In order to enhance the experiences of businesses, the Customer Service Commissioner supported the Small Business Commissioner and Service NSW to develop the Easy to do Business program.

Easy to do Business is a free service for business owners that offers personalised support and tailored guidance through business concierges, and online support that helps business owners understand government licensing, approvals and regulations. The My Business Navigator tool guides customers through what they need to do to set up their business.

Complaint handling improvement program

The NSW Government’s complaint handling improvement program is an initiative of the Customer Service Commissioner, the NSW Ombudsman and the Department of Finances, Service and Innovation.

The program aims to make it easier, better and faster for customers to provide feedback to the NSW Government. The program also helps the NSW Government monitor emerging issues across the public sector.

A standard feedback widget was installed on major NSW Government websites, including, in 2018. Customers can give us a compliment, tell us their complaint or make a suggestion. While feedback is monitored centrally, the agency will respond directly to the customer.

Digital driver licence

The Customer Service Commissioner was a strong advocate for digital licences. As at February 2019, two trials for digital driver licences are underway in Sydney’s Eastern Beaches and Dubbo. The digital driver licence is an opt-in, electronic version of the NSW driver licence available on a mobile device. It is a convenient and easier alternative to traditional card-based licences, providing a seamless and accessible digital solution for customers.

Housing acquisition review

In 2016 the Customer Service Commissioner delivered a review of the NSW Government’s housing acquisition process. The recommendations were subsequently adopted by the NSW Government. The review was underpinned by the important principle of putting customers at the centre of service design, and property acquisition is now fairer and more transparent with a renewed focus on the needs of the property owner.