Research and insights

The Customer Service Commissioner delivers the NSW Government’s customer satisfaction measurement program and provides insights on issues relevant to service delivery. 

Special interest topics

To help the NSW Government understand customer preferences and experiences, the Customer Service Commissioner researches issues related to service delivery.

NSW Government departments and agencies are invited to use findings when planning new services and to keep improving customer satisfaction with existing services.

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Customer satisfaction surveys

The Annual Customer Satisfaction Measurement Survey and Quarterly Pulse Check Surveys: 

  • provide a holistic understanding of satisfaction with NSW Government services and track progress against the Premier’s Priority of improving satisfaction year on year
  • identify the key drivers of customer satisfaction at a whole-of-government level and identify opportunities for improvement
  • compare satisfaction with NSW Government services with that of other jurisdictions (for example, Victoria and New Zealand) and other industries (for example, airlines and banks). 

The NSW Government uses survey data to continuously improve service delivery and customer satisfaction.


The Annual Customer Satisfaction Measurement Survey has been running since 2015. Research is undertaken in quarter 3 of each calendar year.

The Quarterly Pulse Check Surveys were introduced in 2016 and allow the NSW Government to track results between the more in-depth Annual Customer Satisfaction Measurement Surveys.  The Quarterly Pulse Check Surveys are conducted in quarters 1, 2, and 4 of each calendar year.