Easy to do Business makes it faster and easier to start and grow your business

The Easy to do Business program is making it easier for people who are navigating the complexity of starting and running a business. 

A staff member working behind a bar


People wanting to open a café, restaurant or small bar needed to comply with up to 63 regulations and deal with up to 15 government agencies as part of setting up their business. 

What the NSW Government did

The NSW Government established the Easy to do Business program to make it faster and easier for people to establish and grow their small business. 

The program includes:

  • a Business Concierge service, which provides business owners with free personalised support tailored to their individual situations.
  • online how-to guides to help current and prospective business owners understand government licences, approvals and regulations.
  • an online dashboard that guides customers through the process of establishing their business. 

What was achieved

The Easy to do Business program has cut the time it takes to set up a café, restaurant or small bar, with cafes opening up to two months faster, restaurants up to four months faster and small bars up to six months faster.