How can government keep improving?

A customer-focused government is one that recognises its citizens as customers and puts them at the heart of decision making to deliver policy and services that are fast, fair, accessible, safe, transparent and empathetic.

The NSW Government has taken a lead in creating and embedding customer-centric approaches to better serve the people of NSW.


To improve the customer experience, the NSW Customer Service Commissioner recommends:

  • reducing the time and effort required to interact with NSW Government services
  • increasing the efficiency of digital processes and improving access to information
  • improving complaints handling capabilities and processes
  • increasing public participation and citizen engagement with NSW Government
  • increasing customer awareness of and trust in NSW Government initiatives.


While striving to improve the customer experience, the NSW Customer Service Commissioner acknowledges that:

  • Ongoing cultural shift is required – Continue to drive cultural change by generating ambition for exceptional customer service across the sector, and give staff the tools to achieve this. 
  • The NSW Government customer base is diverse – Build on the progress made with customer journey mapping and segmentation. Recognise that customers have diverse and evolving needs. Listen to customers at all times through their journey.
  • Customer insights must be actionable  Robust customer insights and data should guide decision making and service delivery.
  • Digital reform is challenging but worthwhile – Innovative, digital solutions reduce customer friction and increase customer satisfaction.