Customer Commitments

A customer vision can inspire, unite and empower employees to deliver high-quality services to customers.

The Customer Service Commissioner has used customer research and input from staff across the NSW Government to develop a clear picture of what customers expect when receiving government services. This vision for government service delivery is reflected in the draft Customer Commitments below.

  • Easy to engage

    Easy to engage

    Make it easy to access what I need

    Make it simple for me to understand

  • Act with empathy

    Act with empathy

    Show you understand my situation

    Treat me fairly and with respect

    Provide service in my time of need

  • Respect my time

    Respect my time

    Tell me what I need to know beforehand

    Minimise the need for me to repeat myself

    Make what I need to do straightforward

  • Explain what to expect

    Explain what to expect

    Be clear about what steps are involved

    Contact me when I need to know something

    Let me know what the outcomes could be

  • Resolve the situation

    Resolve the situation

    Be accountable for your actions

    Be clear in decision-making

    Reach an outcome

  • Engage the community

    Engage the community

    Listen to the community to understand our needs

    Ask us how we want services delivered