Regional Economic Growth Enablers Report

The Centre for Economic and Regional Development has produced a report identifying potential enablers to economic growth in regional NSW. The report allows non-economists to access the latest thinking and analysis important to regional development. It seeks to inform investment and policy decisions at all levels of government. The report also provides a resource for regional communities in planning their economic development strategies.

Download the Regional Economic Growth Enablers Report (PDF, 10 MB)

Multifactor Productivity: Industry-Level Estimates by Jurisdiction

This report provides industry multifactor productivity estimates at state/territory and national levels using Australian Bureau of Statistics data. These estimates allow for a comparative analysis of productivity across industries and jurisdictions. The report focuses on estimates for the market sector and three key industries where the results vary significantly between NSW and other key jurisdictions.

Download the Multifactor Productivity: Industry-Level Estimates by Jurisdiction Discussion Paper (PDF, 1 MB)

Nudging towards innovation

Dr Nicholas Gruen discusses innovation policy and the ways government can successfully promote innovation without spending money.

Download Nudging towards innovation (PDF, 200KB)