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How to test whether your behaviour change intervention works

When you design or change a policy, program or communication, testing is essential to understand whether it works.

Behavioural Insights tells us that even small details can influence participation in a service, completion of a task, and compliance with rules. Testing is important because many evidence-based interventions (over half of pre-registered studies) don’t produce the same outcomes when translated into new contexts. There are a few different ways to test, depending on your project and what you want to achieve. Read more on our one-page guide and start testing in your organisation!

Table with title 'Choosing a testing method.' On the left it says ask yourself, with icons on the right. E.g. What is your time frame? Days or weeks? Or moths. How many participants? up to 1,000 or over 1,000? How confident do you want to be that you changed behaviour? Can you compare more than one version?