Reducing missed hospital appointments

St Vincent’s Hospital wanted to reduce the number of missed hospitals appointments even further and reached out to us to see if behavioural insights could be used to achieve this.

Reducing domestic violence

Domestic violence is a huge issue in NSW. The Department of Justice reached out to us to see if behavioural insights could be used to reduce domestic violence in NSW.

Increasing on-time payment of fines

Evidence from around the world shows that subtle and low-cost changes to fine notices are effective in getting people to pay on time. We wanted to see if similar changes would work in NSW.

Empowering patients to make informed choices

The Ministry of Health wanted to help patients make more informed choices about whether they should use their private health insurance when being admitted to hospital from an emergency department. They reached out to us to help them.

Reducing social housing rental arrears

The Department of Family and Community Services wanted to see if a reminder text message would be more effective in getting people to pay their rental arrears or set up a payment plan.

Timely payment of land taxes

We worked with the NSW Office of State Revenue to see if behavioural insight techniques could increase the number of landowners paying all or some of their land tax on time.

Increasing cervical cancer screening rates

The Cancer Institute NSW sends out 368,000 letters to women each year, to remind them it has been 27 months since their last Pap test. However, less than 30 per cent of women make an appointment after receiving the reminder letter.

Helping injured education workers return to work

Behavioural insights have been used around the world to help people return to work after an injury or unemployment. We wanted to see if similar techniques could help injured workers in Australia return to work.

How we choose projects

Potential projects come up through various sources, but we look at the same five criteria to decide whether to take them forward or not:

  1. Is it a high priority for the NSW government?

  2. Is it an area where applying behavioural insights could improve things?

  3. Is it something that we can trial?

  4. Can we measure the impact of a trial?

  5. Is it something that can be scaled up or rolled out more widely if we can show it works?

If you think you have a project that you would like to discuss with the Behavioural Insights Unit please get in touch.

The Behavioural Insights Unit runs projects with partners to see if behavioural insights techniques can improve the effectiveness of the public services and policy.