GUEST POST: Behavioural Exchange 2015 – International Behavioural Insights Conference

26 May 2015NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

International Behavioural Insights Conference 2015

What Works and Wellbeing: Release of new report and blog by Lord Gus O’Donnell

26 November 2014NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

In March 2013, the UK Government established the What Works Network, to embed the use of robust evidence in the development of local and national policy making. The Network aims to inform policy decisions and professional practice by showcasing evidence on programs in health, education, early intervention, wellbeing, local growth, and crime.

BI and Crime: How easy is it for thieves to steal your mobile phone?

23 September 2014NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

Earlier this month, the Home Office in the UK released a Mobile Phone Theft Ratio (in collaboration with the UK Behavioural Insights Team and in consultation with the mobile phone industry) which indicates how ‘steal-able’ your phone is. Read on for more info...

Behavioural Insights Team ‘spins out’ of UK government

7 February 2014NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

Earlier this week, my UK team created a mutual joint venture, in partnership with the Cabinet Office and Nesta (the UK’s leading innovation charity). After three and a half years based in Number 10 and the Cabinet Office, we have 'spun out' of government and set up as a social purpose company.

My nudge tour of Australia - Professor Peter John

20 September 2013NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

From 16 July to 16 August, I was a visitor at the School of Politics and International Relations at the Australian National University. I am working with Professor Keith Dowding on a project on the policy agenda of the Australian government (as well as matters nudge, I work on public policy).

White House sets up ‘nudge unit’

20 September 2013NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

We are excited to hear that the White House is setting up a Social and Behavioral Science Team, headed by Maya Shankar, that will use lessons from psychology and behavioural economics in the design of public policy.

Behavioural Insights in Action August 2013 Event

20 August 2013NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

‘Behavioural Insights in Action’ run in partnership with IPAA, saw over 100 participants attend from across the public sector, private sector and academia.

UK BIT Charitable Giving Paper

31 May 2013NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

During Dr David Halpern's visit to Sydney, he mentioned the work his team was doing on charitable giving.