BIU Diversity results reduce the gender gap in recruitment

Simple behavioural insights interventions significantly reduce the gender gap in recruitment

9 March 2020

Using two behaviourally informed interventions, an email and a phone call, we increased the likelihood of women reapplying for a senior role by 27% and significantly reduced the gender gap between men and women reapplying for senior roles from 45% to just 4%. 

Opportunities to remove gender as a barrier to senior leadership

21 November 2019NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

We wanted to understand the barriers to reaching the Premier's gender equality target for senior leadership roles in the government sector. Today we are launching the findings of research we conducted in partnership with the Public Service Commission, Customer Service, Stronger Communities and Transport Clusters.

Increasing Apprenticeship Course Attendance Through Behavioural Interventions

31 May 2019NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

We ran a randomised control trial (RCT) with Training Services NSW and TAFE NSW to increase the proportion of course lessons that apprentices and trainees attend.

Applying BI to get Trainee Teachers to Rural and Remote NSW

11 September 2018NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

We partnered with the NSW Department of Education to apply BI to attract trainee teachers to apply for professional experience placements in rural and remote NSW.

Using economic experiments in behavioural insights

9 August 2017NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

So you have a great idea about how you could change people’s behaviour. You want to go ahead and test your idea out, but you don’t know if people will respond to the intervention, or if it will have the impact you hope. Rather than going ahead and investing heavily in a field trial, you could use an economic experiment to test your idea first.

Segmenting: What works for whom

15 May 2017NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

Since 2013, the Behavioural Insights Unit (BIU) has been running Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) to test whether our ideas result in behaviour change in the real world. RCTs are the gold standard of evidence. They allow us to test the effectiveness of an intervention compared to if we had changed nothing.

BETA’s guide to running randomised controlled trials

20 September 2016NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

The Behavioural Economics Team of the Australian Government (BETA) has released a guide to developing and testing behavioural interventions using randomised controlled trials (RCTs).

Behavioural Insights trials - one hit wonders or sustainable and scalable solutions?

21 April 2015NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

Lessons in practical applications of BI from the health domain.

The Office of State Revenue’s Behavioural Insights Experience – Land Tax Legal Notice Trial

6 August 2014NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

We started working with the Behavioural Insights Unit (BIU) to increase the compliance effectiveness with respect to our fines, tax and debt recovery businesses. We conducted various trials to robustly understand the value of BI, one of which was for our land tax legal notices. Here are the details of the trial.

Australian Taxation Office applies behavioural insights to tax and debts

27 November 2013NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has been using insights from behavioural science to trial different ways of getting people to pay their fines and lodge their tax forms on time.