How to Increase Voluntary Participation in Programs Using Behavioural Insights

11 July 2018NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

We used behavioural insights to identify the best way to engage people who are at high-risk of reoffending to voluntarily join behaviour change or other support programs.

What Works and Wellbeing: Release of new report and blog by Lord Gus O’Donnell

26 November 2014NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

In March 2013, the UK Government established the What Works Network, to embed the use of robust evidence in the development of local and national policy making. The Network aims to inform policy decisions and professional practice by showcasing evidence on programs in health, education, early intervention, wellbeing, local growth, and crime.

BI and Crime: How easy is it for thieves to steal your mobile phone?

23 September 2014NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

Earlier this month, the Home Office in the UK released a Mobile Phone Theft Ratio (in collaboration with the UK Behavioural Insights Team and in consultation with the mobile phone industry) which indicates how ‘steal-able’ your phone is. Read on for more info...