Building Character Skills – What works?

4 December 2016NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

DPC’s Behavioural Insights Unit recently partnered with the Australian branch of the Behavioural Insights Team to present a panel on non-cognitive ‘character’ skills.

Latest results from the Behavioural Insights Team

16 September 2016NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) has just published its latest annual Update Report.

GUEST POST: Behavioural Exchange 2015 – International Behavioural Insights Conference

26 May 2015NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

International Behavioural Insights Conference 2015

BI and Crime: How easy is it for thieves to steal your mobile phone?

23 September 2014NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

Earlier this month, the Home Office in the UK released a Mobile Phone Theft Ratio (in collaboration with the UK Behavioural Insights Team and in consultation with the mobile phone industry) which indicates how ‘steal-able’ your phone is. Read on for more info...

Behavioural Insights Team ‘spins out’ of UK government

7 February 2014NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

Earlier this week, my UK team created a mutual joint venture, in partnership with the Cabinet Office and Nesta (the UK’s leading innovation charity). After three and a half years based in Number 10 and the Cabinet Office, we have 'spun out' of government and set up as a social purpose company.

Transforming the Public Service Using Behavioural Insights

11 December 2013NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

There has been a lot of research in to the way that BI can improve policies, service delivery and government interactions with customers; however, a recent report by the Mowat Centre at the University of Toronto has looked at how BI can be turned inward – on the public service itself.

My nudge tour of Australia - Professor Peter John

20 September 2013NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

From 16 July to 16 August, I was a visitor at the School of Politics and International Relations at the Australian National University. I am working with Professor Keith Dowding on a project on the policy agenda of the Australian government (as well as matters nudge, I work on public policy).

White House sets up ‘nudge unit’

20 September 2013NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

We are excited to hear that the White House is setting up a Social and Behavioral Science Team, headed by Maya Shankar, that will use lessons from psychology and behavioural economics in the design of public policy.