Pushing the Frontiers of Behavioural Insights - Behavioural Exchange 2018

30 July 2018NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

On 25 and 26 June 2018, Sydney played host to the International Behavioural Exchange Conference (BX2018) in Sydney. We reflect on how we will apply the key lessons arising from the conference

How to Increase Voluntary Participation in Programs Using Behavioural Insights

11 July 2018NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

We used behavioural insights to identify the best way to engage people who are at high-risk of reoffending to voluntarily join behaviour change or other support programs.

BIU trial featured in the Harvard Business Review

17 November 2017NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

A BIU trial about flexible work was recently featured in the Harvard Business Review.

Using economic experiments in behavioural insights

9 August 2017NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

So you have a great idea about how you could change people’s behaviour. You want to go ahead and test your idea out, but you don’t know if people will respond to the intervention, or if it will have the impact you hope. Rather than going ahead and investing heavily in a field trial, you could use an economic experiment to test your idea first.

Text messaging - why and when to use text messages to change behaviour

26 February 2016NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

Text messages have been shown to affect people’s behaviour.

How Can Behavioural Science Lower Your Energy Bill? - Alex Laskey

7 June 2013NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

Alex Laskey (Founder and President of OPower) delivers a very interesting presentation on how behavioural insights can be used to influence energy consumption.