Thaler wins Nobel Prize for behavioural economics

11 October 2017NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

Yesterday, the Nobel Committee announced that the 2017 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel (commonly referred to as the Nobel prize for economics) has been awarded to Richard Thaler.

Event Review: Professor Shlomo Benartzi on ‘Digital Nudging’

26 November 2014NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

Professor Benartzi’s new research highlights that not only is the Digital Revolution producing a new platform to deliver behavioural interventions, but it is also uncovering interesting differences between the decisions that people make online compared to offline.

Transforming the Public Service Using Behavioural Insights

11 December 2013NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

There has been a lot of research in to the way that BI can improve policies, service delivery and government interactions with customers; however, a recent report by the Mowat Centre at the University of Toronto has looked at how BI can be turned inward – on the public service itself.

Directory of Academics

10 December 2013NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

Earlier in the year we had some research done to develop a Directory of Academics that work in Australia in psychology, economics, neuroscience and social marketing (areas related to BI), with particular relevance to public policy.

Research: Nudging Around the World

16 October 2013NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

Kim Ly and Dilip Soman from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management recently published Nudging Around the World, a paper on when and how to use nudging in public policy.

My nudge tour of Australia - Professor Peter John

20 September 2013NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

From 16 July to 16 August, I was a visitor at the School of Politics and International Relations at the Australian National University. I am working with Professor Keith Dowding on a project on the policy agenda of the Australian government (as well as matters nudge, I work on public policy).

Behavioural Insights in Action August 2013 Event

20 August 2013NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

‘Behavioural Insights in Action’ run in partnership with IPAA, saw over 100 participants attend from across the public sector, private sector and academia.

Highlights from the HC Coombs Policy Forum

1 December 2012NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

The HC Coombs Policy Forum held in Canberra on 23 November 2015 featured a range of international and local speaking sharing their experiences and ideas for applying behavioural insights to public policy.