Community of Practice: In Conversation with David Halpern

22 January 2018NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

On Wednesday 22 November, the BIU Community of Practice hosted a panel discussion for senior public servants.

Community of Practice: Applying BI to organisations

4 September 2017NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

In their recent report on the global state of BI, the OECD highlighted how BI has mainly been used to change the behaviour of individual people, such as getting them to pay their fines and taxes or turn up to medical appointments on time. By contrast, there has been less work on applying BI to change the behaviour of organisations.

Community of Practice: BI-ing letters

3 April 2017NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

Governments send hundreds of thousands of letters to people each year asking them to do things, from paying speeding fines and taxes, providing information for welfare payments, alerting people to expiring licenses and registration and incoming tolls.