2018 BIU Report - Available now!

28 May 2018

Check out the latest trial results from the BIU in our 2018 report.

2018 Behavioural Insights Report 1 v4

The Behavioural Insights Unit’s latest report is now available on our website. It showcases our major projects since our last report in 2016 and sets out some of the lessons we have learned along the way.

Some accomplishments include:

  • 23% reduction in domestic violence court non-attendance using SMS reminders
  • Significantly fewer people commuted during peak hour when encouraged to take up flexible working
  • 3x more trainee teachers opted to take a rural or remote placement after receiving messages about the opportunity
  • Apprentices were 3 percentage points more likely to attend class when their employers received a text message about their studies
  • A clearer fine letter encouraged more people to pay their fines on time. Additionally, fewer people received additional fines for late payment

The trial results presented in this report demonstrate the fantastic outcomes of innovative thinking and high-level collaboration to deliver real answers to challenging social problems.

Each trial provides valuable insights and learnings in its own right, and these results will be directly applied to make meaningful differences in the lives of people in NSW.

Download the report