Latest results from the Behavioural Insights Team

16 September 2016Alex King


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The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) has just published its latest annual Update Report.

behaviour insights team

The Update Report also got some news coverage this week.

We in the NSW Government Behavioural Insights Unit have an ongoing partnership with the Australian branch of BIT, and the new BIT report highlights some of the results we have achieved together, such as reducing the rate of no-shows for hospital appointments, getting injured teachers back to work faster and speeding up the payment of social housing rental arrears. We’ll be publishing our own Biennial Report in a month or two where we will set out more details of these.

Of course, BIT has done a fascinating range of work with a lot of other partners, including the UK government, VicHealth and the cities of Denver and New Orleans in the US. Some highlights include reducing the numbers of unnecessary antibiotics prescriptions by informing the highest-prescribing GPs that they prescribe more than their peers, encouraging VET students to complete their courses using text messages, an online ‘grit’ module and peer network support, and a range of tax projects in the UK, Costa Rica and Poland. There are reports on a lot of other interesting projects in there as well, and the BIT blog will be highlighting some of them over the coming weeks.