How can behavioural insights be used to increase workforce diversity?

4 August 2016Kim Louw



Driving diversity in the NSW public sector is a key priority of the NSW Government.

workplace diversity

The NSW Government has committed to:

  • doubling the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in senior leadership roles
  • increasing the proportion of women in senior leadership roles to 50% in the government sector in the next 10 years.

Attracting, selecting, promoting and retaining employees relies on human decisions. Human decisions that, as the behavioural sciences have shown, can be affected by a number of biases.

We have put together a short publication on some of the ways biases can affect decision making in the recruitment process and examples of evidence-based behavioural interventions that could prevent and overcome these biases. These interventions, coupled with structural changes, could help to drive diversity in our workplaces.

Download "Behavioural Approaches to Increasing Workforce Diversity" report (PDF, 119 KB)