Fit Feb – we are the champions!

21 March 2016Kim Louw


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We are pleased to announce Team Australia won the 2016 international Fit Feb competition!

Fit Feb 2016

Each February, Behavioural Insights teams across the world compete against each other in a fitness competition, Fit Feb. For keen followers of the Behavioural Insights Unit you may remember we have been participating in FitFeb since 2014. Teams from Sydney, Singapore, London and New York competed this year, earning points for exercise and healthy eating. Points were also awarded for daily 5-minute office workouts and bonus weekly team challenges. You can see what the teams got up to on Instagram #FitFebBIT.

We are pleased to announce, that for the first time since its inception, Team Australia (a collaboration of the NSW BIU and the Australia branch of BIT) won this year!

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We successfully managed to hold off a third victory in a row from the Behavioural Insights team in Singapore. Cynical (and perhaps also accurate) readers may assume that the main purpose of this blog is to revel in our victory. However, Fit Feb is also a great example of how behavioural insights can be applied to shift complex behavioural patterns such as prioritising regular exercising and healthy eating. You can read a previous blog post that aligns Fit Feb with the EAST framework here. For other fantastic examples of how behavioural insights can be applied to healthy eating, see Brian Wansink’s work into mindless eating in his book Slim By Design.

We now continue into “Maintain it March” by trying to turn these new behaviours into habits. Francesca Gino’s book Sidetracked: Why our decisions get derailed, and how we can stick to the plan provides insights into how we might be able to stick with it. With the supermarkets full of chocolate at this time of year it might be a difficult challenge!