Our people

Dave is responsible for the strategic direction of the NSW Behavioural Insights Unit. He brings a focus on demonstrating impact, supporting delivery and empowering public service partners. Dave has worked in consultancy, frontline community services, academia and government across several Australian jurisdictions and the U.K. Dave’s PhD included an exploration of how and why psychology was applied to a range of professions and public policy in twentieth century Australia.


Jeanette oversees the trial design and data analytics within the BIU.  Jeanette has worked extensively in consumer research and customer experience, developing solutions, building global capability, managing large multinational projects and their teams. Jeanette’s PhD in behavioural economics focused on consumer decision making in superannuation.

Hui leads on quantitative statistical analysis work and advises on trial design. Hui has a background in organisational psychology and environmental research.


Eva has studied behavioural economics and has a special interest in applying BI to systems and implementing counter-sludge measures. She has experience in applying BI across the Commonwealth and the NSW Governments in the areas of domestic violence, cyberbullying, regulatory compliance, drought relief, flexible work and program uptake.

Alex works to apply behavioural insights across the NSW Government and leads the team’s work in the Revenue portfolio. Prior to joining BIU, Alex worked in the area of workplace mental health and return to work. She has studied Psychology and has a master’s degree in rehabilitation counselling.


Clare leads the justice and education portfolios, and has previously worked in transport, visitor economy and employment policy. Prior to joining the public service, Clare worked in international aid and development and has a background in political economy.

Jaime works across projects in Education, Revenue and Health. Prior to joining BIU, she worked in evaluation and research roles in higher education and mental health. Jaime has a background in Cultural Studies and Psychology, with a focus on Social Psychology.

Jenny is a Senior Data Analyst in BIU, leading data analysis and advising on trial design for projects across the portfolios. Before she joined BIU, Jenny was an academic, researching social policy and drug and alcohol policy in multi-disciplinary teams.

Zuleyka leads the Industry portfolio, with a focus on boosting apprenticeship completions, and she has previously worked in the Justice portfolio. Prior to joining DPC, Zuleyka worked as an academic and she also managed research and policy programs on political conflict, gender violence and corporate inclusion for state government and not-for-profit organisations. She has a PhD in sociology.

Fred specialises in applying behavioural insights to improve customer satisfaction and government efficiency.  Fred has previously worked as a management consultant alongside a range of public sector clients, focusing on organisation transformation and capability improvement. Fred holds degrees in Finance and Law, and recently completed a Bachelors of Psychological Science.

Angela specialises in applying robust research methods to BIU’s work on the Premier’s Priorities, and is also building behavioural insights capability across the NSW Government. Prior to joining the team, Angela worked in behavioural insights consulting and public health. Angela has a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and is currently completing a PhD in Psychology.


Jarrod joined BIU in November 2019, he has worked in the behavioural insights field for three years and has experience working in the regulatory space within the federal public service. Jarrod works to support projects across all areas of the BIU, including the environment, education, and service delivery. Jarrod’s work in the BIU focuses on the world class public service Premier’s Priority and building BI capability across the Sector. He has an honours degree in Political Economy.

John supports the delivery and evaluation of BIU’s trials and capability building work. Prior to joining the team, John worked in research and analytics for NGOs and the private sector. He is currently completing a Masters degree in economics.

Kevin joined the team in September 2020. Kevin works part-time in the BIU to support multiple activities including the delivery & evaluation of trials and capability building. He has a master’s degree in Behavioural Economics and an undergraduate degree in Social Science. Kevin also works in the homelessness sector and is very passionate about social policy.  

Jenna is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the BIU. Jenna has worked across public, private and NFP sectors with a focus on innovative approaches to improving social outcomes. Jenna has degrees in Psychology and Finance is undertaking a Masters in Behavioural Science at the London School of Economics.


Kim oversees two staff applying behavioural insights across a range of policy areas and the trial design and data analytics within the team. Kim leads the team’s work to achieve gender equality in senior roles in the NSW Government in line with Premier’s world class public service priority. Before joining the team, Kim worked in policy and consulting roles in Western Australia. Kim holds a PhD and Master’s degree in the area of applied psychology.

Helen is currently working on two of the Premier’s Priorities; reducing recidivism and a world class public service. She has an Honours degree in Criminology and Psychology and a keen interest in Justice. Prior to joining the BIU, Helen worked on digital projects using journey mapping and human-centred design. She has experience in public and private sectors in the UK and Australia.


Alex joined BIU in May 2014 as a secondment from the UK Behavioural Insights Team (BIT). He is a Senior Advisor with the UK BIT’s Australian office where he leads the team’s evaluation work. He has worked across numerous policy areas, with an emphasis on health and employment.

Rory was seconded from the UK Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) to DPC in November 2012 to help set up and run BIU. He is Managing Director of the BIT’s Australian office and now splits his time between that role and his work with BIU. He has worked in a number of areas including health, employment, tax, justice, community services and education.