Our approach

Our work is collaborative and driven by evidence. We work with government agencies and partner organisations to understand the problem, design solutions and then trial interventions to help identify what works.

  1. Understand the issue and context

    We identify exactly what behaviours we want to change and then try to develop a good understanding of the context, drawing on our own fieldwork, analysis of available data and the relevant literature.

  2. Build insights and interventions

    The design of our interventions is an iterative and collaborative process. We draw on the results of our “Understand” phase and behavioural frameworks to develop insights about the behavioural bottlenecks and enablers. Informed by this, we co-design an intervention with our partners.

  3. Test, learn, adapt

    We use the most rigorous methodology we can - often randomised controlled trials - to determine whether the intervention works. Based on this, we can further refine and improve the intervention, or scale it up more widely.