NSW Service Medallion frequently asked questions

Service with a Commonwealth, Local Government or interstate agency is not counted as eligible service. Service which is acceptable for the purpose of extended leave may be classed as eligible only when it’s with a NSW Government agency.

Yes, service with a State Owned Corporation, as listed in Schedule 5 of the State Owned Corporations Act 1989 may be counted as eligible service.

To be awarded the Medallion, both the length of an employee’s service and excellent conduct throughout their service is to be demonstrated.  A detailed employment history or summary of service is to be provided, including titles, dates of commencement and any breaks in service. 




An employee’s NSW Government service doesn’t need  to be continuous to be eligible for the award.  Where a nominee’s extended leave balance does not provide evidence of the total length of NSW service, the nominator will need to show that a total of 40 or more years of service have been completed. This can be by providing details and dates of positions held since commencement of service.


The cut off date for accepting nominations will be approximately six weeks prior to the presentation. 

Processing of nominations and presentation of awards are made in date received order. The award presentations are generally held once or twice a year, meaning it may take up to 12 months from receipt of nomination to the presentation of the award.

The Medallion will be presented by the Premier, or a Minister of State for NSW, or by another person authorised by the Premier.  

Information regarding the next ceremony will be provided by the Protocol and Community Engagement unit within the Department of Premier and Cabinet.  


An award in the Australian or Imperial Honour system or Agency recognition of long service, does not affect an employee’s eligibility for a NSW Service Medallion.  The NSW Service Medallion may be awarded only once to each recipient.

Brief letters of support and recommendation for the award from managers or colleagues may be attached as evidence of the nominee’s honourable conduct during their service. 

Nominations for agency heads or CEOs may be submitted to the Secretary, Department of Premier and Cabinet for consideration by the Premier.

The person submitting the nomination will need to make a recommendation regarding the merit of the service. The nomination is to be accompanied by a statement of service.

A person does not have to be an Australian citizen to be awarded the NSW Service Medallion.

Self-nominations will only be considered if endorsed by the relevant HR Manager and Agency Head.