NSW Service Medallion criteria and guidelines

The NSW Service Medallion (‘The Medallion’) is awarded to employees (both waged and salaried staff) who have completed 40 or more years of excellent service for the NSW Government.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, the nominee must:

  • be a current or former employee of the NSW Government;
  • be employed on a permanent or temporary basis;
  • have completed 40 years of service with the NSW Government; and
  • have a record of excellent service.


What service is eligible?

NSW Government service includes service with government sector agencies, state-owned corporations or full time members of an administrative tribunal:

  • In accordance with section 3 of the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (GSE Act), the NSW Government Sector includes:
    • The Public Service (the staff employed under the GSE Act);
    • The Teaching Service;
    • The NSW Police Force;
    • The NSW Health Service;
    • The Transport Service;
    • Any other service of the Crown;
    • The service of any other person or body constituted by or under an Act or exercising public functions (such as a State owned corporation), being a person or body that is prescribed by regulations under the GSE Act.
  • State Owned Corporations are listed in Schedule 5 of the State Owned Corporations Act 1989.

How is service counted?

NSW Government service doesn’t need to be continuous.

Service which is acceptable for the purpose of extended leave may be classed as eligible service for an award. However, service with a Commonwealth, Local Government or interstate agency is not counted as eligible service.

Where a nominee’s extended leave balance does not provide evidence of the total length of NSW service, the nominator will need to show that a total of 40 or more years of service have been completed. This can be by providing details and dates of positions held since commencement of service.

Conduct that’s considered inappropriate for the NSW Government may lead to a long-serving employee becoming ineligible for the award.