DPC will ensure complaints are promptly and properly dealt with.

DPC is committed to:

  • respectful treatment of the complainant and all persons involved
  • information and accessibility for those making a complaint
  • good communication with the complainant and all persons involved
  • taking ownership by equipping DPC staff to handle external complaints and discharge their responsibilities effectively
  • timeliness in dealing with complaints, adopting the a tired approach and having benchmark timeframes in DPC procedures
  • transparency to enable scrutiny, including good records keeping and providing reasons for decisions.

Please note that this portal is for external complaints about DPC conduct, service or products. Requests for service, information, statutory review, expressions of opinion such as submissions must be sent via the general enquiries form.

What complaints are covered?

The DPC External Complaints Handling Policy (PDF, 383 KB) covers external complaints that relate to the department and its services. This includes, for example, complaints about:

  • Decisions made by employees of the department
  • The conduct of employees of the department, including the quality of service provided
  • Practices, policies and procedures of the department

It does not include:

  • Policies or decisions made by the Premier, Ministers or other political office-holders
  • Decisions made by Courts or Tribunals

In these cases, the department may still be able to provide you with information to assist you, including suggesting alternative avenues for you to register your complaint.

The department may also not accept or action complaints relating to matters that are very old, which have been previously dealt with or finalised, or which are vexatious or frivolous.

Complaints from employees of the department or their representatives are to be dealt with in accordance with the Grievance Resolution Policy and Procedures.