Ministerial Taskforce on Aboriginal Affairs

The Ministerial Taskforce on Aboriginal Affairs (the Taskforce) was established in August 2011 to advise the NSW Government on actions to refocus efforts to close the gap and open up opportunities for Aboriginal people in NSW.

The Department of Premier and Cabinet is represented on the Taskforce by the Director General.

The Taskforce will produce a new Aboriginal affairs strategy in 2012. It will include concrete reforms around the following Terms of Reference:

  1. to improve service delivery and accountability in Aboriginal affairs, with particular consideration of the recommendations of the Auditor General’s report on Two Ways Together, and other arising reports;
  2. to improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal people in NSW; and
  3. to improve employment outcomes for Aboriginal people in NSW.

While there are undoubtedly other issues that must be addressed such as juvenile detention rates, health and housing, they will be considered through the strength-based framework of education and employment. We must recognise that effective reform in education and employment will help to reduce many of these problems.

The NSW Government is committed to ensuring a strong community voice in the development of the new Aboriginal affairs strategy.

For more information about the meetings and the Taskforce, please visit the Office of Communities – Aboriginal Affairs website.