State Owned Corporations Review - Issues Paper

The Review aims to make recommendations to the government for legislative change to improve the commercial performance of SOCs and streamline and strengthen the SOC accountability and governance framework. The Issues Paper poses a series of question to help all interested parties to contribute to the Review.

A copy of the Issues Paper can be found here:

Make a Submission

The Review invites you to provide your views on the Issues Paper. To tell us your views please send your submission to us by post or email.


GPO Box 5341
Sydney NSW 2001

If you intend to provide your submission by post, it would assist us if you could also forward us an electronic version of the submission.

The closing date for submissions is 28 February 2014.


If you have any questions about the content or process of the review please contact the Sector Governance Branch, Department of Premier and Cabinet, at or (02) 9228 5575.

Use of submissions and confidentiality

Submissions may be published online and/or referenced in future publications. Please advise if you would prefer that part or all of your submission be treated as confidential.  The Review will endeavour to accommodate your request, however disclosure of certain information may be required under the law.