About the Department

The Department

The Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) leads the NSW public sector to deliver on the Government's commitments and priorities. In fulfilling this role, the Department:

  • supports the Premier and Cabinet to identify, design and implement a coordinated policy, project and reform agenda that boosts the efficiency, productivity and effectiveness of NSW
  • partners with agencies, as well as the private, not-for-profit and academic sectors, to optimise public sector performance and ensure that services are delivered on time, within budget and to the community’s expectations
  • takes an integrated approach to getting better results from whole of government projects and service delivery across the public sector
  • coordinates the initiatives of Ministers and their agencies to achieve the Government’s targets
  • manages the passage of Government legislation
  • supports the delivery of major projects to enhance the economic and social wellbeing of NSW
  • coordinates and plans significant state events to ensure their quality and benefit to the community along with their safety
  • works with the Federal Government and other states and territory governments to design and implement national reforms.

The Department comprises the following groups: 

Economic Policy Group

Economic Policy Group drives the Government’s agenda in economic development, infrastructure, planning, land use and resources policy. The group works across government and the broader community to improve productivity, optimise resource allocation, facilitate major projects and streamline regulatory frameworks. The group also supports on-time delivery against government goals and targets through benchmarking, performance reporting and capability assessments.

The Group has secretariat responsibility for three subcommittees of Cabinet: the Expenditure Review Committee, the Cabinet Standing Committee on Infrastructure (CIC) and the Cabinet Standing Committee on Resources and Land Use. The Group comprises three branches:

  • State Economy
  • Cities
  • Resources and Land Use.

Social Policy Group

The Social Policy Group provides advice and strategic support to the Government on social policy and intergovernmental matters as well as Cabinet processes. Supporting the Government’s agenda to improve the lives of people in NSW, builds capacity to generate new policy ideas and provides active leadership in the national policy agenda, collaborating on issues and brokering evidence based solutions to complex social policy matters.

The Group also supports the Social Policy Cabinet Committee and the Counter Terrorism and Emergency Management Cabinet Committee. Strategic areas of focus include:

  • Health
  • Education
  • NDIS Reform
  • Justice, Police and Emergency Services
  • Intergovernmental Relations
  • Family and Community Services
  • Service Delivery Reform and Strategic Commissioning
  • Social Impact Investing, Behavioural Insights and Customer Reform.

Cabinet and Legal

Cabinet and Legal is responsible for providing legal, policy and governance advice. The office supports the Premier and DPC and manages the government’s legislative agenda. The office also develops and implements policy and legislative reforms within the Premier’s portfolio, assists with whole-of-government priority reforms, and manages DPC’s litigation and external legal service provision (except employment matters). The office comprises the Legal Branch and Information Access Unit (IAU). The Legal Branch administers legislation allocated to the Premier including constitutional, integrity and electoral legislation. IAU manages DPC’s compliance with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA) and assists the secretary to administer the government’s Register of Lobbyists.

Government, Corporate and Regional Coordination Group

The Government, Corporate and Regional Coordination Group provides DPC’s enabling functions through corporate, governance, ministerial support and coordination. The group is responsible for providing DPC with the mechanisms to transform the way it does business and interacts with customers. The group provides HR, IT, finance and communications support to DPC and the NSW ministry, and as needed, to the Premier and Cabinet cluster. The group also includes the Office of the Governor and provides DPC’s briefing and correspondence coordination, delivery of major events and protocol support.

Premier’s Implementation Unit

The Premier’s Implementation Unit supports the Premier in driving delivery of the Premier’s priorities. The group provides independent oversight of performance, questions and interrogates progress and works closely with agency implementation teams to support delivery, ensure risks are managed, and address barriers. The group will remain steadfastly focused on delivery of the Premier’s priorities and will work collaboratively to promote clarity and transparency of progress on delivery. The Premier’s priorities are:

  • Creating Jobs
  • Building Infrastructure
  • Reducing Domestic Violence
  • Improving service levels in hospitals
  • Tackling childhood obesity
  • Improving education results
  • Protecting our kids
  • Reducing youth homelessness
  • Driving public sector diversity
  • Keeping our environment clean
  • Faster housing approvals
  • Improving government services.

Regional NSW

The Regional NSW Group seeks to deliver better outcomes for the people of regional NSW through promoting a whole-of-government approach to:

  1. Providing quality services and infrastructure in regional NSW
  2. Aligning effort to support growing regional centres
  3. Identifying and activating economic potential.

The group:

  • Analyses data to inform evidenced based regional policy design and intervention
  • Leads the strategic prioritisation of funding programs for regional NSW and economic assessment of projects for funding
  • Works directly with businesses in NSW regions to identify opportunities for economic growth
  • Influences agencies across government to ensure that regional communities are at the forefront of Government thinking and activity
  • Liaises across jurisdictions and all levels of government to ensure that cross-border services are integrated and aligned where possible.

The majority of our staff are long-term residents of the regional communities across NSW that our Group supports and therefore bring a unique localised perspective on what will work best for those communities in terms of community and development need.