International Engagement

To strengthen the state’s engagement with international markets, the NSW Government is implementing an International Engagement Strategy. The strategy ensures NSW is proactive in how we engage our ten highest priority markets – Japan, United State of America, China, United Kingdom, India, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Singapore and Indonesia.

For each of our ten markets, the NSW Government has set clear goals and identified which sectors we should focus resources towards.

Because each of our ten priority markets is unique the NSW Government is delivering individual country strategies. These strategies contain practical initiatives that will further strengthen our trade, investment and cultural connections.

India Strategy

NSW is strengthening its economic relationship with India by positioning itself as a global leader in infrastructure development. The NSW-India trade and investment relationship has potential for significant growth over the next decade.

China Strategy

NSW greatly values our strong and growing relationship with China and its people. China is our largest trading partner, our most valuable tourism market, our greatest source of international students and an increasingly important source of investment into NSW.